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Treatment style

Acupuncture is a diverse field with many styles of practice. Unlike other physical therapies, your experience with acupuncture can vary radically depending on who you see.

Most acupuncturists are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This system became popular after the Cultural Revolution in China because it was easy to codify, much like western medicine.

A bulk of my initial training was in TCM acupuncture.  However I quickly gravitated to classical, pre Cultural Revolution acupuncture soon after graduation. This system, known as meridian based acupuncture reflects the original holistic cosmology and philosophy of Chinese Medicine.

In the west there is an unfortunate misconception that acupuncture needs to hurt to be effective. In China acupuncture tends to involve stronger stimulation and lots of needles.  Because many acupuncturists have been trained by teachers from Mainland China, it is easy to understand why some practitioners are a little over zealous with the needles.   What works in China doesn’t necessarily work for westerners, who tend to be needle shy.


I personally believe that acupuncture should be a enjoyable and effective, providing quick relief from symptoms and a deep sense of well being and calm. The treatment approach I utilize is strongly influenced by ongoing continued education in Japanese and Taiwanese acupuncture.


My view of health is also shaped by a deep interest in meditation and Buddhism. Chronic pain involves both the body and mind. I believe awareness is the best medicine for undoing the deep stress patterns that contribute to chronic pain or any stuborn illness.


Choosing an acupuncturist is an important decision.  Recovery from an illness or injury can sometimes seem like an insurmountable personal challenge.  It is important for me that the clients I work with feel comfortable and cared for.  I value compassion and good listening as much as the judicious use of acupuncture needles in my sessions.

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"Silas is gentle, professional and EFFECTIVE! After one session I was no longer fainting from the pain. After 4 sessions I feel completely better and no longer need pain medication."-

--JC, Victoria, BC

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