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About Silas Rosenblatt, R Ac


My interest in this work began with my own struggles with chronic pain in my twenties.   While most doctors and specialists I consulted were well meaning they were generally mystified by my condition and I was offered little help beyond a pill, that usually made things worse. Needless to say it was frustrating time looking for answers, and finding none.shojisilashome

My search for a meaningful solution eventually lead me to Chinese Medicine and a new way of approaching health.  I encountered acupuncture through the work of Dr Michael Greenwood and the Victoria Pain Clinic.  For the first time I felt like my symptoms and experience made sense in a larger context of personal growth.

Rather than being a meaningless inconvenience, pain became a profound messenger inspiring me to change.  This period in my life revealed many insights around health, both practical and personal.  Meditation became a central part of my healing path, which I continue to this day in the tradition of Shambhala Buddhism.

I am passionate about acupuncture as a therapy for chronic pain.  I continue to advance my knowledge of acupuncture, particularly systems commonly practiced in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, including the Balance Method originating from Dr Tan Wu Bian and Master Tung.   I firmly believe that acupuncture should yield results quickly and be enjoyable!

In addition to my private practice I work on contract for the Island Health Authority offering community based acupuncture for addictions and pain.   I am also a teacher and meditation instructor in the lineage of Shambhala Buddhism.


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"Silas is gentle, professional and EFFECTIVE! After one session I was no longer fainting from the pain. After 4 sessions I feel completely better and no longer need pain medication."-

--JC, Victoria, BC

Silas Rosenblatt,R Ac

Registered Acupuncturist

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