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Anti aging and rejuvenation


Fresh Start Rejuvination Program

Through a series of 4 sessions you will gain insight into the ancient secrets of long life and health, as well as some of the latest research regarding natural approaches to life extension.   Each session will conclude with homework to complete during the following week.


Session 1: Creating a foundation for longevity and a lifetime of health

In this introductory session we will cover the principles of Jing/Q/Shen, known as the three treasures in Chinese medicine, and their relevance to health and the process of aging.  Jing (vital essence), Qi (life energy), and Shen (spirit or heart/mind connection) are the foundation for a lifetime of health.

Rejuvenation involves adopting lifestyle habits that enrich the 3 Treasures as we age. This session includes a short health assessment and some personalized recommendations for supporting the Three Treasures.


Session 2: Stress reduction

Stress is a natural response to change. However, we live during a time when change and uncertainty are ever present. Ongoing stress has a tremendous negative impact on health, contributing to most chronic, degenerative conditions.


In this session we will explore the health impacts of stress on the body and mind and review some simple ways to take control of the stress response through supplements, simple meditation practices, gentle exercise (yoga and Qi gong), progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing.


Session 3: Healing the gut

Recent research into the role of micro flora found in the gut (know as the micro-biom) and health stresses the importance of optimal digestion in the aging process.   There are innumerable theories regarding how and what to eat, which can be confusing.


In Chinese medicine there are specific body types and health issues that are addressed individually through diet and supplements.  In this session we will cover basic principles of healthy digestion, probiotic and super foods that support rejuvenation.


Session 4: Detoxification and controlling inflammation

More than ever detoxification is a critical part of maintaining health and slowing the processes of aging. An estimated 80 000 man made compounds have been created in the last hundred years and are now routinely circulating in the air, water and food supply.   While many of these are benign, the World Health Organization acknowledges that chemicals in the environment may be contributing to 80% of cancer cases in the industrialized world.


Toxins (endogenous and exogenous) are a significant driver of inflammation and chronic disease. In this session we will cover some gentle methods for detoxification including, herbal, juice and food based cleansing, detox supplements, sweating and hydrotherapy.

Who is the Grow Young program for?

  • Anyone over the age of forty who is concerned with maintaining and enhancing health and wellbeing in the second half of life
  • Individuals in recovery from a serious illness
  • Anyone curious about Chinese Medicine, life extention and natural, drug free approaches to health

Investment: $295.00 – includes 4 sessions, handouts and email support during the program


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