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Acupuncture testimonials

Silas is extremely kind and very gentle. I had trouble sleeping due to anxiety and within a few visits the sleeplessness had resolved itself. I also feel way less anxious than I used to.  Would highly recommend him as an acupuncturist.

-SD, Menchosin BC


Silas is gentle, professional and EFFECTIVE!  After one session I was no longer fainting from the pain.  After 4 sessions I feel completely better and no longer need pain medication.

-JC, Victoria, BC


For months I had been suffering from excruciating pain in my upper back and numbness in my fingers (both hands), due to my fear of needles I had been quite reluctant to take the “alternative” approach of acupuncture as a way to remedy this debilitating situation. The relaxing environment, made at ease, and to my surprise the session was painless, Silas also looked into balancing the Yin and Yang in my body. I left relieved from some serious tension and pain, and was looking forward to my next appointment. Due to the level of pain I was originally suffering from, I believed that the treatment would go on for months, only to realize that the problem in my back was resolved in only a few sessions. The pain and numbness are now gone, thank you Silas for the amazing relief!‎

-UN, Menchosin, BC


I saw Silas for back pain and cramps. I found him gentle and intuitive and he seemed very knowledgeable. I’d been to acupuncturists before where the needling had been painful but Silas was very gentle and used very thin needles, which helped a lot. I found it amazingly relaxing and my back tension eased quite quickly. Ultimately I felt much more centered and grounded – unexpected and much needed benefits.‎

-SD, Vancouver, BC


Silas has been very supportive, kind and non-judgmental in helping me with a chronic health issue. I have struggled for years to find anything that truly helps deal with my symptoms and allows my to continue my active lifestyle in the way I want to. At times I have arrived at my appointments in great pain and feeling very fed up, and I have always been met with support and optimism. The acupuncture alongside with the dietary changes that Silas recommended are clearly rooted in Silas vast understanding of the work he does and a diligence to understand each individuals situation. Thanks Silas! Your desire to provide health care to people from all of life’s places shines through.

– KT, Victoria BC


Emotionally….. I have noticed I am calmer, not as bothered by small things.  My sleep has gotten better as well.  It feels good knowing that if I have a bad day and need to get more focused i can go for acupuncture.  It has taken some of the fear away and has helped me believe i can do this without any drugs.

– SC, Victoria BC

I had treatments with Silas for work related injuries to my elbow and forearm. i found Silas approach to be thoughtful and intuitive, with lots of helpful insights into the causes of repetitive stress damage. the discomfort i was experencing has reduced significantly and im now more able to identify its causes. he has been a great help.

-PC, Victoria, BC/UK


I am much calmer, with a noticeable difference in the length and severity of anxiety attacks. I feel peaceful, which is something I have never felt before starting acupuncture.

-KS, Victoria, BC


I have had many sports injuries as well as chronic back pain that I couldn’t get relief from.  In just a few sessions with Silas the pain began to lessen and I was able to do more self-care.  I would highly recommend his services.

– AB, Victoria, BC


Silas is an absolute miracle worker.  He is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know.  No matter what is wrong with me – be it the mind or body – he finds a way to make it better.

– RH, Victoria, BC


I have had chronic shoulder pain for years, after 1 acupuncture treatment there is no pain…

-WV, Victoria BC


I have been going to Silas for years for different issues, mostly neck/shoulder pain. I’ve always found his treatments were successful after 2 or 3 treatments. His suggestions for things I can do to keep myself healthy/pain free, are always helpful and reasonable. He is very professional, yet also down to earth, gentle and friendly. I’m always impressed by his holistic approach and his insights into the root causes of whatever health concern I’ve had. I carry his cards in my wallet and pass them on to anyone who talks with me about health issues that they think might be relieved by acupuncture and TCM.

– SK, Victoria, BC        ‎


I really value and appreciate this service.  I feel supported in the challenging journey of becoming sober and maintaining sobriety.

-LB, Victoria, BC


I have become much more grounded and balanced since beginning treatment…  My cravings have gone way down, in fact the ‘urge’ to use is completely gone!  Thank you.

-JF, Victoria, BC

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"Silas is gentle, professional and EFFECTIVE! After one session I was no longer fainting from the pain. After 4 sessions I feel completely better and no longer need pain medication."-

--JC, Victoria, BC

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