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It is time to focus on what matters most

Have you ever come to a crossroads where every direction seems filled with uncertainty and peril?

Often these critical moments show up during a health crisis or a significant period of change like midlife, a divorce or unforeseen career change. Big life changes can feel like being adrift on a vast ocean, without direction, purpose or guidance.

Life transitions are potent opportunities to re-evaluate one’s long term goals and align with a deeper sense of who we are. The WholeLife Plan is a 4 week planning process that will clarify personal values, sets specific and measurable long term goals, and create an action plan to help get you back on track.

Create a WholeLife Plan

Life transition can be difficult, especially without a map or compass.  The WholeLife plan is designed to help orientate to a new vision for life, after the dust settles.  Through a series of 4 short, focused planning sessions you will be guided and supported in creating action steps and long term goals with deep meaning and purpose, while identifying obstacles and resources to your success.

At the end of the process you will have created an inspiring living document and life plan, which you can reflect on and update for years to come.

Session 1: Your BIG dream

In this introductory session we begin with a brief introduction to the planning process and the key life quadrants that promote health, prosperity and joy. The foundation for life planning is having a clear understanding of your core values, inspiration and vision.

Without personal dreams and desires there is no wind in our sails. To help connect you to a sense of passion and energy you will be guided in rendering a future narrative of your ideal life – called the BIG dream. During the week between sessions this narrative and some reflective questions are explored.

Session 2: Long term goals

Session 2: During this meeting we will review your BIG dream and begin to sift out broad life themes, values and aspirations that matter most to create long term goals (3-5 years).

An important part of moving forward with new resolve is starting from a clean slate and identifying incomplete projects or relationships where we are ‘leaking’ energy, time and money. Change requires saying NO to certain people and situations that steal our focus and undermine confidence. At the same time new allies, friends and networks need to be identified and cultivated to support this new vision of life.

Session 3: Action plan for the year

After reviewing the long-term goals completed from the previous week it is now time to create a realistic and achievable action plan for the year ahead.

Whenever, we decide to step outside of well-established habits and move towards what we really want obstacles naturally arise to challenge our resolve. Procrastination, addictions, and self sabotage can quickly derail forward momentum. In this session will cover some strategies for going beyond the fear and doubt that keep us stuck and unfullfilled.

Session 4: Your personal success habits & rituals

Our present experience of life is the culmination of small choices and habits, most of which are unconscious and often unhelpful. By tracking these choices and reflecting on our daily actions we can begin to change the trajectory of our life.

In this final session a bi monthly planning system, time management and success habits are discussed..

Who is the WholeLife Plan for?

The WholeLife Plan is perfect for anyone needing support during significant life change, which may include:

Working professionals in transitions to a new career
Anyone in recovery from a serious illness or health crisis
Anyone at midlife dealing with confusion, anxiety or doubt about the future
Individuals who feel they lack a sense of life purpose
Anyone experiencing a protracted time of uncertainty or 'dark night of the soul'

Investment: $295.00 – includes 4 sessions, handouts and email support during the program

If you have any questions regarding this planning process please feel free to call Silas Rosenblatt, R Ac at 250 884 7061 or send an email

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